YouTube Simulator Codes
(Last Updated On: September 6, 2021)

We’ll keep you updated on the latest YouTube Simulator codes there are as soon as indieun releases a game code. All of these codes are working on the current time this article says in it’s title

You must paste the codes in the right way or other wise You’ll think they are either expired or non existent.

These are The Current Valid Codes:

x1ra9mzx52huh?000poop – Takes you to a Secret location where you can buy computer that Are Permanent
Super Cool – Gives you the Secret Play Button
GOLDS – Gives you 10 Gold
333 – Highlights the highest computer you can buy with your money

111 – Highlights the highest camera you can buy with your money
2 – Opens secret conveyor Belt in the Upgrades store for you to walk on and move fast
123 – Automatically teleports you to the Upgrade Store instead of walking
MINI SNOW – Gives you a free Mini Snow Plaque
BLOO – Gives you 3 Blue Soda (Gives you 20% more money for 5 minutes)
1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 – Gives you a free Diamond jewel to place in your home (To redeem it you have to put the numbers one by one as in putting 1 then 2 and so on until you out 10)
sprint – Makes you sprint very fast (Only works while holding shift unless you are on mobile or console)

ROOBYBUTTON – A 50 Million Ruby Play button
Spongeb0b – 100 Sparkly Studio foam
Milk – Makes you Chug Milk then Throw it (good for trolling New Players who will think you are hacking)
DOUBLEJUMP – Allows you to Double Jump in a server (Can be used infinitely but gets removed when leaving the game)
OBESE – Makes you FAT
FREEGREEN – Automatically Gives you a Super Energy (Lasts For 120 Seconds)
FREERED – Automatically Gives you a Speedy Soda (Lasts For 120 Seconds)
minigun – Gives you a minigun that gives 999,999 SD cards per click (whatever SD cards you get from the minigun will not work as it is fake) it is very good for trolling New Users, Friends, etc….

Here is how the codes will look as soon as you redeem them:

YouTube Simulator Codes redeem

Here are YouTube Simulator Social Medias:

RobloxYouTube Simulator

I recommend Following Indieun’s YouTube Channel and His Twitter to get notified when he releases codes. *Or you can depend on us for the codes : )*

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