Weight Lifting Simulator codes
(Last Updated On: September 13, 2021)

We’ll keep you notified on the Latest Weight Lifting Simulator codes as soon as Euro Simulators (The Game developers) release a game code. All of these codes are working and were checked to be Up to Date

You must paste the codes in the right way or other wise You’ll think they are either expired or non existent.

These are The Current Valid Codes

build340 – Gives you 700 strength and 100 Gems
build300 – Gives you 700 Strength and 100 Gems
330kweights – Gives you 650 Strength and 200 Gems
320kbuff – Gives you 500 Strength and 190 Gems
lifting310 – Gives you 300 Strength and 140 Gems
mrbufflifts – Gives you Mr Buff Pet
270kweights – Gives you 50 Strength and 120 Gems
260kbuff – Gives you 300 Strength and 80 Gems
secretpet21 – Gives you Unlocks Mr. Buff Pet
200ktriceps – Gives you 300 Strength and 80 Gems

Here is how to redeem the codes:

Weight lifting Simulator

Here are The Weight Lifting Simulator Codes Social Medias:

Discord Euro Games
YouTubeEuro Games

I recommend Joining the Game’s Discord server For codes. *Or you can count on us since they don’t post all their codes on their discord 🙂

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