(Last Updated On: August 31, 2021)

Vesteria is a RPG game where you can kill mobs to level up, but sometimes you will realized that it’s hard to level up. So, I present you the OP vesteria script!

Vesteria OP Script [ Bruh Hub ] vesteria

Features :-

  • God Mode
  • Auto Farm
  • Kill Aura
  • Auto Sell
    And Much More!

Vesteria Script Copy :-

Click here to copy Vesteria script!

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About Vesteria :-

Explore breathtaking worlds, fight powerful monsters, discover hidden secrets and precious treasures, form parties and guilds with friends, raid ominous dungeons, and much, much more in the vast open-world of Vesteria; the ultimate casual fantasy experience.

- Giants drop new Giant Tokens 
- EXP Rewards for Healing and Tanking
- Parties improvements and bonus Parties EXP
- Upgraded Mage Thundercall spell

- Mushtown & Mushroom Forest combined
- Cows added!
- Destroyable map resources added
- Other World Changes

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