Shindo life spawn list
(Last Updated On: June 28, 2021)

Shindo Life spawn times split into three sections: weapons, sub-abilities, and companions. For each we’ve included the region and the time.

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Shindo Life Game Time Live


Item (Weapons, Sub-Jutsus, Modes, etc.)Spawn TimeDespawnLocationRarityScroll Type
Shark Sword (Samehada)1:101:35Dawn Hideout1 / 12Weapon
Santa Platinum Winter1:151:40Nimbus1 / 25Mode
Toad Cursed Spirit1:201:45Tempest1/250Mode
Dunes Chi Blade1:251:50Dunes1 / 25Weapon
Chi Rod Toss (Chakra Rod Toss)1:251:50Storm1 / 16Throwable
Odama Spirit Bomb (Odama Rasengan)1:301:55Training1 / 8Jutsu
Spirit Spear (Blossom Spear)1:301:55Training1 / 7Taijutsu
Moon Staff1:301:55Forest of Embers1 / 60Weapon
Bubble Flute1:402:00Haze1 / 45Weapon
Saberu Suprise1:502:00Training1/20Taijutsu
Hidden Suprise (Thousand Years)2:00Training1 / 20Taijutsu
Cursed Spirit (Cursed Seal of Heaven)2:152:40Forest of Embers1 / 15Mode
Rab Style: Prison2:152:40Haze1/8Jutsu
Saberu Tanto (White Fang Tanto)2:202:45Training1 / 5Weapon
Spider Cursed Spirit2:202:45Training1 / 35Mode
Nimbus Chi Blade2:252:50Nimbus1 / 25Weapon
Cobra Spirit Awaken (Snake Sage)2:353:00Obelisk1 / 50Mode
Demon Toss2:403:00Haze1 / 12Throwable
Spirit Bomb-Shuriken Rush (Rasenshuriken Rush)2:453:00Ember1 / 10Jutsu
Demon Warp (Demon Substitution)2:453:00Forest of Embers1 / 6Jutsu
Shock Style: Dual Electro (Dual Raikiri)2:453:00Forest of Embers1 / 25Jutsu
Super Odama Spirit Bomb (Super Odama Rasengan)2:453:00Forest of Embers1 / 16Jutsu
Spirit Bomb-Shuriken Toss (Rasenshuriken Toss)2:453:00Nimbus1 / 14Jutsu
Frog Spirit Awaken (Toad Sage)2:453:00Ember1 / 25Mode
Demonic Spirit (Demon Hunter)2:453:00Haze1 / 8Mode
Finite Heal Spirit (Hundread seals)2:453:00Training1 / 16Mode
Chi Kunai (Chakra Kunai)2:453:00Ember1 / 5Weapon
Shadow Snowman2:453:00Obelisk1 / 5Jutsu
Vanishing Image2:453:00Ember1 / 15Jutsu
Mastered Frog Spirit2:453:00Ember1 / 30Mode
Dual Senko (Hokage Spec)2:503:00Ember1 / 100Weapon
Heavenly Wall (Rashomon)3:103:35Obelisk1 / 55Jutsu
Mao Tailed Spirit (Two Tails)3:103:35Nimbus1 / 10Mode
Senko Kunai (Raijin Kunai)3:103:35Ember1 / 15Weapon
Wood Vanishing Image3:103:35Nimbus1/18Jutsu
Rab Style: Warp3:133:38Obelisk1/15Jutsu
Sun Staff3:153:40Training1 / 55Weapon
Bat Toss Halloween (Bat Shuriken)3:203:45Storm1 / 50Throwable
Liquid Control3:203:45Haze1 / 25Jutsu
Haze Chi Blade3:253:50Haze1 / 25Weapon
Bankai Blade (Gaiden Kusanagi v2)3:253:50Training1 / 60Weapon
Su Tailed Spirit (One Tail)3:303:55Dunes1 / 10Mode
Inner Gate Spirit (Eight Inner Gates)3:303:55Ember1 / 14Mode
Dio Senko Blade3:354:00Ember1 / 45Weapon
Shockslam Technique3:354:00Obelisk1 / 25Jutsu
Shock Style: Electro Blade (Raikiri Blade)3:554:00Ember1 / 12Jutsu
Kokotsu Blade4:104:35Obelisk1 / 20Weapon
Senko: Spirit Bomb (Namikaze: Rasengan)4:154:40Ember1 / 16Jutsu
Heaven Blade (Shichiseiken)4:154:40Nimbus1 / 50Weapon
Shindai Umpire Fan4:154:40Dawn Hideout1/60Weapon
Rab Tailed Spirit4:204:45Ember1/20Mode
Dread (Deidara) Companion4:254:50Dunes1 / 12Companion
Vanishing Spirit Bomb (Vanishing Rasengan)4:254:50Forest of Embers1 / 35Jutsu
Christmas Shizen4:254:50Nimbus1 / 25Weapon
Dunes Fate Spirit4:304:55Dunes1 / 20Mode
Ama (Konan) Companion4:405:00Storm1 / 16Companion
Vanishing Clone: Barrage (Shadow Clone Barrage)4:405:00Ember1 / 13Jutsu
Firework Katana4:455:00Ember1 / 15Weapon
Satori Blade (Gaiden Kusanagi)5:105:35Ember1 / 30Weapon
Flame Control5:105:35Ember1 / 25Jutsu
Rykan Blade5:105:35Haze1 / 45Weapon
Candy Blade5:155:40Haze1 / 25Weapon
Water Vanishing Image5:155:40Obelisk1 / 35Jutsu
Body Replacement5:205:45Haze1 / 40Jutsu
Snail Spirit Awaken (Slug Sage)5:205:45Obelisk1 / 40Mode
Raion Blade (Shippuden Kusanagi)5:255:50Obelisk1 / 14Weapon
Ember Fate Spirit5:255:50Ember1 / 20Mode
Captain Jokei5:305:55Obelisk1/500Mode
Reality Talk (Talk no Jutsu)5:356:00Storm1 / 50Jutsu
Specialist Spirit (Weapon Art)5:356:00Ember1 / 45Mode
Senko: Storm (Namikaze: Chidori)5:406:00Obelisk1 / 60Jutsu
Shiver Tanto (Shisui Tanto)5:456:00Forest of Embers1 / 30Weapon
Electro Blade (Sword of Thunder)5:506:00Dunes1 / 12Weapon
Kor Tailed Spirit (Nine Tails)6:106:35Ember1 / 15Mode
Shizen Raijin (Senju Raijin)6:156:40Ember1 / 9Weapon
Dual Chi Rods (Chakra Rods)6:206:45Storm1 / 25Weapon
Haze Fate Spirit6:206:45Haze1 / 20Mode
Air Style Fan (Giant Folding Fan)6:256:50Dunes1 / 2Weapon
Exploding Vanishing Image6:306:55Forest of Embers1 / 40Jutsu
Sleigh Bomb6:357:00Nimbus1 / 25Jutsu
Dagai Sword (Kunai Blade)6:407:00Dunes1 / 4Weapon
Heavenly Spirit (Seven Heavenly Breaths)6:457:00Dunes1 / 11Mode
Rab Style: Meteorite6:557:00Obelisk1/50Jutsu
Chu Tailed Spirit (Seven Tail)7:107:35Dunes1 / 10Mode
Bankai (Itachi) Companion7:157:40Forest of Embers1 / 30Companion
Air Control7:157:40Dunes1 / 25Jutsu
Sleigh Summon7:157:40Ember1 / 25Jutsu
Tree Illusion Technique7:157:40Ember1 / 20Jutsu
Nimbus Sword (Cleaver Sword)7:257:50Nimbus1 / 20Weapon
Obelisk Fate Spirit7:307:55Obelisk1 / 20Mode
Cloak Spirit (Lightning Cloak)7:358:00Nimbus1 / 25Mode
Sound Flute7:408:05Obelisk1 / 30Weapon
Riser Akuma Blade7:448:00Tempest1/80Weapon
Samurai Tanto (Mifune)7:458:10Nimbus1 / 6Weapon
Shindo Blade (Omoi Blade)7:558:20Nimbus1 / 8Weapon
Nimbus Fate Spirit8:108:35Nimbus1 / 20Mode
Confusion Illusion Technique8:108:35Storm1 / 20Jutsu
Puppet Platinum Halloween8:208:45Dunes1 / 60Mode
Mastered Rabbit Spirit8:208:45Dunes1/35Mode
Reaper Spirit (Reaper Death Seal)8:258:50Forest of Embers1 / 70Jutsu
Gai Tailed Spirit (Eight Tails)8:258:50Nimbus1 / 10Mode
Pika Blade8:328:57Tempest1/70Weapon
Slayer Blade (Executioner Blade)8:409:00Haze1 / 20Weapon
Riserdawn (Hiramekarei)8:559:00Haze1 / 8Weapon
Hamaxe (Kabutowari)9:109:35Haze1 / 6Weapon
Eagle Companion (Hawk Summoning)9:159:40Nimbus1 / 65Jutsu
Acrobat Style9:159:40Nimbus1 / 15Weapon
Dual Lightning (Kiba Blades)9:209:45Haze1 / 6Weapon
Shock Control9:259:50Nimbus1 / 25Jutsu
Gingerbread Man9:259:50Dunes1 / 100kConsumable
Thread Blade (Nuibari)9:309:55Haze1 / 10Weapon
Isu Tailed Spirit (3 Tails)9:309:55Haze1 / 10Mode
Fire Shuriken9:309:55Forest of Embers1 / 15Jutsu
Alpihirama Blade (Hashirama Blade)9:4010:00Obelisk1 / 14Weapon
Regret (Pain) Companion9:4510:00Storm1 / 20Companion
Dual-Bladed Scythe9:4510:00Haze1 / 2Weapon
Ice Shuriken10:0510:30Haze1 / 25Throwable
Sei Tailed Spirit (Six Tails)10:1010:35Haze1 / 10Mode
Lightning Shurikens10:1010:35Training1 / 25Jutsu
Firework Subjutsu10:2010:45Dunes1 / 15Jutsu
Triple Cobalt Blade (Garian Blade)10:2510:50Obelisk1 / 6Weapon
Ash (Darui) Companion10:3010:55Nimbus1 / 16Companion
Scarecrow Seal Halloween (Scarecrow Death Seal)10:3511:00Dunes1 / 80Jutsu
Stone Buster10:4011:00Obelisk1 / 10Weapon
Umpire Guitar11:1011:35Obelisk1 / 45Weapon
Fog Dissolution11:1011:35CC Mission Server1/500Jutsu
Peekaboo Jutsu11:2011:45Training1 / 69Jutsu
Grass Tanto (Grass Kusanagi)11:2011:45Dawn Hideout1 / 16Weapon
Obelisk Chi Blade11:2511:50Obelisk1 / 25Weapon
Savage Blade11:2511:50Obelisk1 / 4Weapon
Sun Tailed Spirit (Four Tails)11:3011:55Obelisk1 / 10Mode
Medical Mode Transfer11:3512:00Ember1 / 35Jutsu
Two Bladed Scythe11:4012:00Obelisk1 / 2Weapon
Umpire Fan (Gunbai)12:0012:25Dawn Hideout1 / 30Weapon
Bomb Blade (Shibuki)12:1012:35Haze1 / 15Weapon
Ku Tailed Spirit (Five Tails)12:1012:35Obelisk1 / 10Mode
Reptile Cursed Spirit12:2012:45Storm1 / 30Mode
Akuma Eternal Hand12:2012:45Ember1/70Mode
Ember Chi Blade12:2512:50Ember1 / 25Weapon
Multi-Vanishing Clone (Multi-Shadow Clones)12:2512:50Ember1 / 12Jutsu
Clown Trap Halloween12:2512:50Nimbus1 / 55Jutsu
Stone Control12:351:00Obelisk1 / 25Jutsu
Demon-Scythe (Triple Bladed Scythe)12:401:00Dawn Hideout1 / 8Weapon
Reality Style: Warp12:451:00Ember1 / 50Jutsu
Tyn Tailed Spirit (Ten Tails)BOSSBOSSWar Round 201 / 30Mode
True Samurai Spirt (Akuma Version)BOSSBOSSWar Round 101 / 2Mode
True Samurai Spirt (Bankai)BOSSBOSSWar Round 151 / 1Mode
True Samurai Spirt (Satori)BOSSBOSSWar Round 151 / 1Mode
True Samurai Spirt (Forged)BOSSBOSSWar Round 151 / 1Mode
True Samurai Spirt (Raion)BOSSBOSSWar Round 151 / 1Mode
True Samurai Spirit (Riser)BOSSBOSSWar round 151 / 1Mode
Tetsuo (Asuma)QUESTQUESTDunes1 / 3Companion
Joy (Gaara)QUESTQUESTDunes1 / 3Companion
Pran (Kankuro)QUESTQUESTDunes1 / 3Companion
Aeth (Neji)QUESTQUESTDunes1 / 3Companion
Apostiel (Pakura)QUESTQUESTDunes1 / 3Companion
Tobito (Kakashi)QUESTQUESTEmber1 / 3Companion
Ryuji Lee (Might Guy)QUESTQUESTEmber1 / 3Companion
Blossom (Sakura)QUESTQUESTEmber1 / 3Companion
Azim (Minato)QUESTQUESTEmber1 / 3Companion
Kid Dio (Naruto)QUESTQUESTEmber1 / 3Companion
Raion (Sasuke)QUESTQUESTEmber1 / 3Companion
Arc (Kisame)QUESTQUESTHaze1 / 3Companion
Yuki (Haku)QUESTQUESTHaze1 / 3Companion
Riser (Zabuza)QUESTQUESTHaze1 / 3Companion
Eren (Kimimaro)QUESTQUESTNimbus1 / 3Companion
PTS Ryuji (Rock Lee)QUESTQUESTNimbus1 / 3Companion
Kiven (Shikamaru)QUESTQUESTNimbus1 / 3Companion
Taison (Temari)QUESTQUESTNimbus1 / 3Companion
PTS Alpirama (Yamato)QUESTQUESTNimbus1 / 3Companion
Alpirama (Hashirama)QUESTQUESTObelisk1 / 3Companion
Reaper (Onoki)QUESTQUESTObelisk1 / 3Companion
PTS Dio (PTS Naruto)QUESTQUESTObelisk1 / 3Companion
PTS Raion (PTS Sasuke)QUESTQUESTObelisk1 / 3Companion

Q. What time do things spawn in Shindo life?

All The Weapons , Sub-Abilities and Companions Spawn Twice AM/PM 24Hours

Q. What Timezone Shindo Life Runs On?

Shindo life Runs On EST Time Zone

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