Shindo life giveaway
(Last Updated On: August 23, 2021)

Vote for the gamepass you want KENRBLX to giveaway next

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  1. I want kg Bag And Bloodline bag. i want Kg Bag for my litlle bro which is jarrelbest134 and Private server gamepass for me, BoltLightningzx

    1. I really need bloodline slot 3 pls.. cuz if i have slot i can level my mud, sengoku

      I no need bloodline bag cuz i got those op blood line mud qnd sengoku

      1. I hope i can win your video is really nice and helpful i got kor tails because of 24/live stream more subscribers to come🤍
        Ign: Kwistiyan09
        Discord namen: Kwistiyan09

    1. I will like 2x bloodline or 2x droprates or the Haori drip anyone is good username:goldboss232

  2. Pls can I has server creator or bl bag or maybe just maybe dawn c: i dont has a server code :’D my username is lovelyraibowunicorn

  3. please i need the game pass to gelp other friends to get many thing in to the game please give me one

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