SCP-3008 guides
(Last Updated On: August 20, 2021)

SCP-3008 is a game based on IKEA.
Q: What do we do in this game?
A: Survive the night, build a base that belong to yourself, invite your friends to play.

SCP-3008 Beginners Guide! SCP-3008

SCP-3008 Controls :-

E – Pick up items.
R – Rotate the items you picked up.
F – Store items like foods to gain energy.
G – Open inventory.
H – Whistle.
T – Extras. (Set waypoints, gamemodes)
Q – Settings.

Tips: Ice Cream is powerful! (It regens 7hp and 35energy)

How to eat foods you collect :-

Press “G” on your keyboard, then click/equip your food(s) and click anywhere on the screen.

SCP-3008 Beginners Guide! SCP-3008

How to build a base :-

There are a lots of items you can use to build a base, like: a Pallet, beds, ladders, lightings and much more! Press E to pick up/place items, R to rotate the items you picked up.

SCP-3008 Beginners Guide! SCP-3008

And that’s all, hope my guide helps you out and Enjoy!

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