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(Last Updated On: October 4, 2021)

A new Luobu event is here, with four new free items to obtain! Here’s a brief guide on Bump World: Free Jungle and how to get all four of the newest Luobu items.

Roblox Luobu Bump World: Free Jungle Guide [FREE Items!]

Bump World: Free Jungle follows the same standard scavenger hunt style of previous Luobu games. Dropping you into a sci-fi jungle, you have to run around and collect robotic rabbits (for the sake of the pun, let’s call them “rabbots”). When you collect a certain amount, you can redeem a certain item out of four.

The items included are:

  • Vector Arrow – 10 rabbots
  • Nebula Blade – 20 rabbots
  • Slasher – 40 rabbots
  • Grey Bundle – 50 rabbots

You can check your progress and redeem these items by pressing the star button on the right side of your screen. To redeem all the items takes a total of 120 rabbots.

Roblox Luobu Bump World Free Jungle Items

You can see how many rabbots you currently have by looking at the number on the left- in the image above, I have 20. To redeem an item, click on the one you want to redeem and then press the yellow button on the GUI that appears. You’ll get a badge, which means you were awarded the item. Items you’ve already redeemed have a stamp over them- you can see above that I’ve already redeemed the Vector Arrow.

Finding rabbots is incredibly easy, and unlike past Luobu scavenger hunts, they respawn infinitely, so there’s never a moment when you have 49 of 50 and can’t seem to find the last one- there’s always an abundance of rabbots to collect.

They spawn in set locations scattered around the map, and some require you to go through obbys, teleporters, or secret gaps in the terrain to access them. There are three types of rabbot, but they all only give you 1 rabbot.

Teleporters look similar to square-shaped flowers with glowing blue centers, and they’re color-coordinated. All teleporters are one-way only; a teleporter with particles going down into the flower’s center is an in portal, and one with particles going up out of the flower’s center is an out portal. In portals will teleport you to out portals, never the other way around. Using these portals and remembering where they bring you to can be very helpful in finding rabbots!

Roblox Luobu Bump World Free Jungle Items
A pale red teleporter

After you redeem an item, you may notice that your number of rabbots drops to 0; this is by design. You have to go around and collect rabbots again after redeeming an item so you can afford the next. For example, if I had 50 rabbots and redeemed the Grey Bundle, I’d have 0 rabbots after I got the bundle, but if I wanted to redeem the Slasher, I’d have to go around the map and collect 40 more rabbots. It’s like currency.

Roblox Luobu Bump World Free Jungle Items
Item redemption with all items redeemed

Once you get all the items, all of them will be stamped on your item redemption screen. It’s as easy as that! Check your inventory to see all your items there.

Roblox Luobu Bump World Free Jungle Items
All of the items (and pieces of the Grey Bundle) as seen in the Avatar Editor

Happy hunting!

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