Jailbreak Script
(Last Updated On: May 21, 2021)
Jailbreak is an award-winning game played over five billion times where you can orchestrate a robbery or stop the criminals before they get away! Team up with friends for even more fun and plan the ultimate raid or heist. What role will you play?
OP Jailbreak Duck Hub Script Jailbreak

Jailbreak Script Features

  • Walkspeed – Adjust your walk speed instantly so you can either be a turtle or The Flash.
  • Jump Power – Adjust your jump power to become a Kangaroo.
  • Teleports – This GUI has a list of all the places you will ever need to go and all you need to do is click it.
  • Gun Mods – Auto applies mods for guns.
  • Grab Guns – Insta grabs guns for you.
  • Arrest Players – Just click this if you are too tired to do all the work of arresting escapees.

Jailbreak Script


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