Roblox Free Luobu Cyber Items
(Last Updated On: September 16, 2021)

Roblox has just released some brand new items to their catalog, and some are FREE! Here’s all the items in the brand new Luobu Cyber item series and how to find them.

New Roblox Catalog Luobu Cyber Items [New FREE Items!]

Roblox Free Cyber Items

A brand new series of official themed items has been released, as well as some new avatar emotes and clothes. 3 of these new items are free and available to ALL players! The clothing set is obtainable through the Luobu Launch Party game.

Here’s all the new items in the Luobu Cyber series!

  • Flowing Breeze (emote)
  • Swan Dance (emote)
  • Quiet Waves (emote)
  • Cyber Mask (face)
  • Cyber Swords (back)
  • Cyber Respirator (face)
  • Cyber Straw Hat (hat)
  • QQ Music Hat (hat)
  • Cyber Goggles (face)
  • Street Shades (face)
  • Cyber Bunny Ears (hat)
  • Energy Scroll (back)
  • Cyber Studio Hat (hat)
  • Cyber Flyers (back)
  • Red Punk Mowahk (hair) – FREE!
  • Blue Space Buns (hair) – FREE!
  • Cyber Rider Helmet (hat) – FREE!
  • Cyber Rider Shirt (shirt) – Free through Luobu Launch Party
  • Cyber Rider Pants (pants) – Free through Luobu Launch Party

You can find all these items (minus the Cyber Rider Shirts and Pants) through the Catalog. Search by Creator, select Roblox, then sort by Recently Updated.

Roblox Free Luobu Cyber Items
Roblox Free Luobu Cyber Items

Most of the items are moderately cheap for official items, most are 50 Robux. Some of the cooler items are a bit pricer, though, but considering how much intricate wings on the catalog go for, 80 Robux for the Cyber Flyers isn’t too bad.

To redeem the free items, click on them, then press the “Get” button.

Roblox Free Luobu Cyber Items

To get the Cyber Rider Shirt and Pants, you need to collect all 10 scales or collect 100 coins (10 scales will mean you have 100 coins!) from the Luobu Launch Party game. Then, you can redeem them in-game and it will reward you the items!

Roblox Free Luobu Cyber Items

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