Naruto War Tycoon
(Last Updated On: September 8, 2021)

We’ll keep you notified on the Latest Naruto War Tycoon codes as soon as Playful Club (The Group developers) release a game code. All of these codes are working and were checked to be Up to Date

You must paste the codes in the right way or other wise You’ll think they are either expired or non existent.

These are The Current Valid Codes

Ninja – Gives you a boost
Hinata – Gives you a SummonReel
KAKASHI – Gives you a Ninja Dog
KURAMA – Gives you a Kurama pet
Madara – Gives you 5000 money and 5000 chi
Hashirama – Gives you 30 minutes of 2x Money and 30 minutes of 2x chi
CHAKRA2 – Gives you 2000 Chi
CHAKRA – Gives you 500 chi
Naruto – Gives you 500 cash
Sasuke – Gives you 2000 cash

Here is how to redeem the codes

Naruto War Tycoon

Here are The Naruto War Tycoon Codes Social Medias:

Discord Naruto War Tycoon

I recommend Joining the Naruto War Tycoon Discord server For codes. *Or you can count on us since they don’t post all their codes on their discord : )

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