infinity sea script
(Last Updated On: November 13, 2021)
Welcome to the Infinity Sea! 

PC and Mobile only!

Be a great swordsman, or one of the best fruit users.

Note: this is a testing phase, so shutdowns and reseting stats, fruit loss is normal. If you buy anything you have to know that the game can reset anytime.

You will discover new islands, and get new powers. And as you evolve, you will become stronger.

 Reaching the level of the King of Pirates! Current Level Cap (Max): 300.

Current Fruits in Game: Invisibility, Fire, Ice, Magnet, Rumble, Mochi, Light, Dark, Gravity, Buddha, Diamond, String, Venom and Spin.

All fruits spawn every 1 hour. (60 Minutes) And they despawn in 20 minutes.

Infinity Sea Script Features :

Infinity Sea Script - Autofarm, Money Farm infinity sea script

Infinity Sea Script :


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