Transforming Toy Simulator Starscream
(Last Updated On: September 9, 2021)

If you’re a Transformers fan who has played Transforming Toy Simulator, you’ve definitely seen the canon Transformers characters in it and are likely playing just to get them. Many new users don’t know where to find these, but this guide will tell you how to get all of them.

How to Obtain Canon Transformers in Transforming Toy Simulator

When you first spawn into Transforming Toy Simulator, you will be located in the white city area. To obtain the few canon Transformers, you’ll want to head to the blue sci-fi city area. 

Transforming Toy Simulator Yellow Ladder

You can access this area by heading to the northeast corner of the white city area, to the left of the ranks bridge that leads to the battle arena and Japanese area, and climb the yellow ladder and go through the portal. You can also climb the tree and do the parkour there to reach it if you want an extra challenge.

Transforming Toy Simulator Blue Area
Blue Sci-fi City Area

On reaching the blue sci-fi city area, all you have to do is repeatedly destroy the structures that spawn in until you get a new bot, marked by a glowing pedestal with the bot you found on it. These occur at random and some bots appear rarer than others.

Transforming Toy Simulator Soundwave Pedestal
Finding Soundwave after destroying a structure

Currently, there are only 6 canon Transformers characters in the game, and more are not likely to be added due to copyright. (Since the September 8 update, more canon Transformers have been added. We’re unsure of how many/which ones, so check back with us later.) They are all inspired by their G1 appearances.

Available Transformers characters include: Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Megatron, Starscream, and Soundwave, as well as a yet-to-be-identified generic red Autobot. All of these are obtained in the blue sci-fi city area.

SEP 8 UPDATE: New canon Transformers have been added. Kickback and some others have now been included, in the same blue city area.

Transforming Toy Simulator also has a few lookalike bots, notably a bot similar to G1 and IDW1 Grimlock.

How to Obtain the Grimlock Lookalike / Dinosaur Robot

Transforming Toy Simulator Dinosaur Grimlock

The dinosaur bot is located on the boss fight island, which you can access by climbing up the blue ladder and going through the portal on the southern portion of the white city area. Again, you can also complete the parkour to reach the island.

Transforming Toy Simulator Blue Ladder

The two boss bots will spawn on this island battling. You can attack the bosses by running into their legs, just as you would destroy any other structure. The bosses share a health bar, but whichever boss took the least amount of damage when they die will be the bot that will appear on the prize pedestal. To get the dinosaur bot, attack the gorilla bot primarily. 

Be careful to avoid their strong attacks, as you can get killed by them.

Transforming Toy Simulator Boss Kaiju Robots

Remember that the more bots you get, the higher the price of the next bot you find will be. Always make sure to have coins on hand when you try to get a new bot. If you’re above level 20, you can access the pyramid and get free coins from there.

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