Horrific Housing
(Last Updated On: August 23, 2021)

This guide will give you tips on how to survive all the various game modes in Horrific Housing.

Horrific Housing Game Modes Survival Guide

Classic, Rapid, + Scattered: It’s often safe to play as normal. Take to your roof, try to kill others with your items, jump from plate-to-plate, etc. This is a bit more difficult in Scattered, but your survival odds are better.

Stud (removed as of Summer 2021): Holding still is your best bet. Blizzards will wipe all of the players standing if it occurs (assuming none got a house upgrade, snowglobe, igloo, shop, or castle event), resulting in tie games. If you receive a teleporter from an event on Stud, do not use it. Either you, the person you teleport to, or both of you will fall off and die.

Sweeper: Lag and blizzards are your enemy. Like in Stud, blizzards wipe out all standing players (unless they got a house upgrade, snowglobe, igloo, shop, or castle event), and lag can cause the sweeper bar to move unexpectedly. A good method is to back up to the opposite side that the sweeper is approaching you at, then run and jump over it when it’s about ¾ of the way over your plate. You can also flat out ignore the sweeper bar if you receive a house upgrade, castle, or igloo from events, or if you somehow glitch into the bottom portion of your plate and get stuck there (Horrific Housing can be a very glitchy game).

Gear: You have the best survival odds if you are given a green health coil on spawning in. This makes you effectively immune to paintball guns and gives you ample time to run from players with swords.

Lava: Climb to your roof ASAP. The lava will rise beyond your base plate after 2 player deaths, making it impossible to survive if you jump off your roof to a lower section. Generally, the higher ground you have, the more likely you are to survive. If a duel occurs and you are chosen for it, you will die instantly given the lava is beyond the 2-player-death point. Never go into the vault of bank or into Area 51 during Lava matches.

Stack: Typically it’s best to wait it out on your plate. If you receive a jetpack or become Baby Yoda, flying to the uppermost plate will assist your survival. The last things you want on Stack are to get stuck in slime or be placed below a plate that is being sucked in by a portal, or above a plate being sucked in by a UFO- these will both kill you if you do not abandon your plate.

Line: Stay on your own plate. If you have a weapon, you can wander off from it to kill other players, but be careful. Normally you have the best survival odds if your plate is isolated from the others and either has a snowglobe, castle, or security wall.

Town: Can be survived in many ways. It’s one of the easiest gamemodes, given the very large map with many places to hide. There is one extra plate on Town that is often safe to stay on due to being stacked on another plate as well as the road; if you exit the Beans Store, this plate is located next to the house to the far right of the several houses in front of you. The road sometimes qualifies as its own plate and can be rotated or disappear. The light gray edges of the road don’t count as a plate base and can be dissolved by acid rain.

Sideways: The safest way to play this is to hop onto the edge of your base plate (the grassy area) and stay there. Going into your house or standing on top of it can result in being dropped down onto the lower levels or into the void if it disappears. This tactic becomes problematic if a lava, slime, or flood escape event occurs. Never climb onto the sizes of big buildings such as castles and banks unless there is something below you to catch you. If you are on the side of a house and a maze event occurs on your plate, you will most likely get stuck.

Shootout: Retreat into your house and only keep one door open. When your gun reloads, you can poke out of your house to shoot someone. The revolver takes a few hits to kill, and regenerating health will make it harder to kill players.

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