Horrific Housing Summer Event Boss Update
(Last Updated On: August 30, 2021)

The Horrific Housing Summer Event is coming to a close, but players behind on their shards can catch up and get even more rewards (up to 100 shards) with the new Boss game mode. This update also adds some new tricks to survive other game modes, and formerly deleted items have returned!

Horrific Housing BOSS Update – Summer Event

Lacking on shards for the Summer Event items? When a new round is about to begin and you see the “Boss” game mode, vote for it.

Here’s how to defeat the Boss:

You’re going to want to jump on it. You can do this by diving into the water and finding one of the explosive barrels the planes above drop regularly. Swim close to one and click it; it will shoot you up into the air. Line yourself up with the crosshair on the Boss’s head. If you hit it, it will deal damage to the Boss and you will fall back into the water- if you’re lucky and have the right speed and angle though, you may get to jump on it a second time for two attacks!

Be careful though, players are able to find weapons on the map sometimes, but they won’t do anything to the Boss. If you find weapons, do not use them on other players: they are your teammates in this game mode, and the more are alive, the better.

You get 4 event shards and a unique house ornament every time you’re alive when the Boss is defeated!

What Else is New?

The infamous flute has returned! Once a deleted item for its overpowered ability, the flute allows a player to guide a missile onto the playing field and blow up or heavily damage players close to the impact zone. Getting a hang of controlling it is difficult at first. It controls with the mouse movement and follows the cursor (albeit at a shallow angle). This item is perfect for stalemates; just find your opponent and blast them apart!

Summer Event rewards up to 100 shards have been added. When you hit 100 shards, you can redeem the Gold Dragon pet! Remember that even those without the Summer Event Pass gamepass can unlock Event items, just less of them. For those without the pass, look for items marked as “FREE” in the Event Rewards List.

Horrific Housing Summer Event Update Hologram Duck
The Holo Duck ornament

An exploitable fault in the new Boss ornaments has been discovered too. One of the first ornaments you get on beating the Boss is the Holo Duck, an animated hologram duck that floats above your house. Players have found that standing underneath the Holo Duck protects you from the effects of blizzards- this now means that blizzards during the Lava game mode can be survived!

Click here to play Horrific Housing!

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