Roblox Horrific Housing Halloween Fall Event
(Last Updated On: October 14, 2021)

New season, new event! Horrific Housing’s Halloween update is all about collecting spooky shards to get prizes. Unlike previous events, they’re a little bit different.

How to Get Spooky Shards in Horrific Housing

Getting spooky shards is relatively easy compared to the previous Summer and Corrupt events. Players simply need to die, and a spooky shard will spawn where they died. You can see where a spooky shard is when you see a purple glimmer. It gives off a purple glow, so look for plates or houses around it being illuminated purple slightly.

To collect these shards, you have to get very close to them or touch them. You’ll know you got one when you hear the shard collection noise and see your shard count pop up at the top middle of your screen, as with past events.

Horrific Housing Roblox Halloween Event

To redeem shards, head over to the Event Pass redeem, right next to the Fuse Eggs gem. This time, it has a floating black and purple pumpkin overhead.

Horrific Housing Roblox Halloween Event

Press E and it’ll open the event redeem GUI. The final prize (at 100 shards) is the Spooky Dragon pet! It’s likely inspired by ectoplasm and ghosts from the Ghostbusters franchise. It’s very similar in appearance to the gold dragon that was redeemable as the final prize of the Summer event. It’s a translucent yellow-green and gives off a glow.

As always, many of the prizes are free, but to redeem everything, you need the Spooky Event Pass, a gamepass which costs the standard 399 Robux. Buying it is totally up to you and purely for cosmetic reasons. As someone who has bought a Pass before, I believe if you really like the event’s items, then the Pass would be good for you.

Horrific Housing Roblox Halloween Event

Click here to play Horrific Housing!

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