Horrific Housing Secret Elevator Room
(Last Updated On: August 30, 2021)

Horrific Housing Vending Machine / Elevator Code + How to Access Secret Room

This quick and easy guide will tell you how to open the vending machine and find the secret room in Horrific Housing.

  1. Find and go behind the fake painting.

First, you’ll need the black button from the fake painting. Find the painting underneath the falling platforms area, just to the right of the wins board. You can jump through it (it may take a few tries) to find the black button.

2. Collect the black button.

Horrific Housing Secret

Approach the pedestal at the end of the hall and press E to collect the black button. You’ll know you have it when the pedestal gives off sparkles. If you reset or a new game starts, you’ll have to recollect it again.

3. Go to the vending machine and input the code.

Horrific Housing Elevator Vending Machine Code Secret

Next, approach the vending machine and press the buttons in a C-shape at the top (as pictured above). The order shouldn’t matter, but in case a specific order doesn’t work, press the top right first and then press the others in a counter-clockwise pattern (top right, top left, top middle left, bottom middle left, bottom middle right).

This will open the vending machine door (regardless if you have the black button or not) and it will give you 10 seconds to walk in.

4. Press the black and red elevator buttons.

Enter the elevator and press the bottom right black button first. To enter the secret room, press the glowing top red button to be teleported to the secret room.

If you click the green button instead of the red, this will open the door in front of you, but it leads to nowhere.

5. Welcome to the secret room!

If you did everything right, you’ll be in the secret room. There’s not really anything to do in here beyond look at the grandmaster leaderboards. These secret areas are inspired by Gravity Falls. You can’t leave this area through the elevator behind you, you have to reset to return to spawn.

As of the Summer 2021 Event, this area is underwater and partly covered by sand. You won’t take drowning damage here like you will in-game, though.

Horrific Housing Secret Elevator Room
The Secret Room as it appears normally

Click here to play Horrific Housing!

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