Farming Adventures
(Last Updated On: September 19, 2021)

Completing quests for Linguini the chef is one of the easiest ways to get gems in Farming Adventures. He asks for certain crops to make recipes with, and while you can see the recipe you are currently on, you can’t preview the ingredients for any other recipe. If you’re sick of trying to memorize the recipes and their ingredients, this guide is for you.

Farming Adventures is a new farming tycoon game that lets you run a farm, hire workers, sell your crops, and decorate your plots. By obtaining gems, you can get boosts, buy rare items, and more.

Farming Adventures Quest Recipes

Poison: Mushrooms x4, Holly Berries x10, Wasabi x3

Raspberry Muffins: Raspberries x5, Wheat x2, Sugarcane x3

Marmalade: Oranges x5, Sugarcane x3

Bread: Wheat x4

Lemon Curd: Lemons x5, Sugarcane x3

Truffled Potatoes: Potatoes x5, Mushrooms x2

Healthy Smoothie: Cabbage x1, Carrot x4, Mango x2

Carrot Cake: Carrot x10, Wheat x2, Sugarcane x3

Salad: Cabbage x2, Radish x3, Tomatoes x2

Roasted Radish: Mint x2, Radishes x5

Coconut Ice Cream: Mint x2, Coconut x3, Sugarcane x3

Tomato Crisps: Tomatoes x5, Wasabi x2

Candied Orange: Orange x4, Natal Orange x3, Sugarcane x3

Thin Mint Cookie: Mint x4, Wheat x2, Sugarcane x3

Raisin Cookies: Grapes x10, Wheat x2, Sugarcane x3

Fries: Potatoes x6

Banana Pudding: Bananas x4, Sugarcane x3

Lentil Soup: Lentil x6

Sunflower Seeds: Sunflower x10, Wasabi x2

Sugar: Sugarcane x1

Peanut Butter: Peanuts x10

Cornbread: Corn x4, Wheat x2, Sugarcane x3

Hot Sauce: Wasabi x4, Sugarcane x1

Gooseberry Crumble: Gooseberry x5, Wheat x2, Sugarcane x3

Removed Recipes

Removed in v1.4: Apples became Limited in v1.4 and thus any recipes including them were removed.

  • Apple Pie: Apples x5, Wheat x2 (would also include Sugarcane x3 if not removed)

Where are Chef Linguini and the Quests?

Farming Adventures Quests Chef Linguini

When you take the portal from your farm to the market, you will be placed in front of the sell booth. To your right is Chef Linguini, who stands just in front of the current version board. Complete all his daily quests to get 10 gems and some gold.

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