De Pride Isle Sanatorium
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De Pride Isle Sanatorium Quick Survival Guide

On the surface, De Pride Isle Sanatorium is an unassuming game, and if you’re unfamiliar with De Pride, the game suddenly revealing itself as a psychological horror can catch you off guard and you may not know how to survive. Here’s a quick guide on surviving your first few nights at De Pride.

Spawn and the Village

The time at which you join the game will determine whether or not it’s safe for you to immediately head to the Sanatorium. If you spawn during the day phase, it is safe, while if you spawn in the night phase, you may want to stick it out around spawn or the village till daylight.

De Pride Isle Sanatorium Candle Effect
A player holding a candle (far right) in a dark room

You’ll spawn inside a cave with a candle, which all players are given. Exit the cave and you will find the spawn Melon tree. Deselect your candle if you’re holding it and click the green pear-shaped melon growing from the tree, if there is one at all. If there isn’t, you may want to wait for a new one to grow. If your hunger bar is low (click on the icon of you in your GUI to see your vitals), click the melon while holding it and then click the eat prompt.

De Pride Isle Sanatorium Life Vitality Bars GUI
The player icon and player health bars

Once day breaks, head up the side path of the mountain (if you don’t know where this is, simply follow other players) to reach the village bridge and cross it. You can also head to the village during the night cycle if you feel brave enough, but if it’s populated by many people, you may want to hide around spawn’s mountain till day.

De Pride Isle Sanatorium Village

If you take shelter during the night in the village, even if no one is around, click a door and then the open prompt to open it, then do the same to close it behind you. On the inside of every door there is a lock. Click it and its prompt to lock the door. Locking doors means life or death. You can walk into a bed to sleep in it and recover stamina.

To the Sanatorium

De Pride Isle Sanatorium Nurse Applications Entrance Valindra

The Sanatorium isn’t the safest place in the game. In fact, it’s just about the worst place to be during the night. However, the Sanatorium is crucial for survival, and once you get used to the schedule of the place, you can take strategic action to survive in or out of the Sanatorium during the night.

You will want to head to the Sanatorium as quickly as possible. Pride Melons can’t keep you going forever, and if you don’t want to turn, you will need Holy Water. The Sanatorium is the only place to get it.

To reach the Sanatorium, follow the mountain trail at the end of the village to the top of the mountain. Go inside, turn left immediately to go to the dressing room, and click on one of the hanging outfits to get into uniform.

De Pride Isle Sanatorium Cake Cafeteria

Two meals are served at the Sanatorium per day cycle. Try not to miss one. Food is multi-use; save what food you have for night cycles in case you or another player begins to starve. The Sanatorium cafeteria is at the top of the stairs to the left.

Turning Into Drowned

What exactly are you trying to survive, though? The Drowned.

De Pride Isle Sanatorium Blur
A mild blur occurring to the player

Sometimes referred to as “ills”, Drowned are players whose Sanity reaches its final stage (Stage 6). Over time, you will experience “Blurs”, signs of your Sanity going to the next stage. As the name suggests, they are a blurring effect with an increasing red tint as more blurs pass. Creepy noises play throughout blurs, muffling other sounds like player footsteps.

The higher stage Sanity a player has, the more their body twitches. To stay safe, never allow a player with head twitches to share a room with you. Arm twitching begins at Stage 2 and head twitching begins at Stage 4.

De Pride Isle Sanatorium Dorms
An ill player attacking another player outside the dorm rooms

Just before the night cycle begins, the Nurses will usher you to the dorms. They are located in the middle of the stairs to the right. The dorms are, again, not the safest place to be, and you may want to try to escape the Sanatorium before its main doors are shut and take cover in the caves; this is risky however, and without a bed you cannot recover stamina.

At night, Drowned are susceptible to starvation. Unable to access their inventory, they have to attack and kill other players to not starve. If you hear a scream at night, that is a player dying to a Drowned. You can tell a Drowned is nearby if you hear gurgling sounds, and you can also very roughly judge your distance to a Drowned by how quiet the sound of their attacks are.

The best way to survive a Drowned is to keep your door closed and locked at all times during the night. Drowned have notoriously been able to glitch through doors, but this is becoming a rarer occurrence as attempts to patch it are made. Most Drowned glitch through doors accidentally.

De Pride Isle Sanatorium Lecture Hall Distribution
Lecture Hall

To avoid becoming a Drowned yourself, attend the Sanatorium’s Holy Water distributions. These take place in the Lecture Hall, which is located at the top of the stairs to the right. Drinking Holy Water sets your Sanity back 2-3 stages and causes a Holy Blur. 

De Pride Isle Sanatorium Holy Shipment Holy Water
Players can’t take Holy Water from the Holy Shipment themselves

Obtaining Holy Water in large servers is difficult if you are at lower stages, as Nurses reserve it for higher stages (though these players are often players who want to be Drowned) and themselves.

There is always a shortage of Holy Water. The game takes the amount of players and Nurses in the game and gives a set amount of Holy Water based on that.

Quick Final Tips

De Pride Isle Sanatorium Melon Tree Garden
The Melon tree in the Sanatorium garden
  • To give items to other players, hold the item, click the player you want to give it to, then press the give prompt. Players in De Pride are often very friendly and will share items to players who need them, if asked.
  • Nurses buzzing their megaphones is generally a sign to get moving/follow their order faster.
  • To do the praying emote, press F. Nurses will sometimes request you use or not use this emote at certain times. If you want Holy Water, you won’t want to use this emote during Distribution.
  • There is a Pride Melon tree in the Sanatorium garden, next to the Lecture Hall.
De Pride Isle Sanatorium Golden Watch Gamepass Time
Checking the time on the Golden Watch
  • If you or another player has a watch item, you can tell at what point in the day/night cycle you are, and it’s good in case the Nurses are running behind schedule and aren’t aware of that. Day begins at 6:00 and night begins at 20:00. (Note: watch items run on a 24 hour clock- 20:00 is 8:00 PM)
  • Daytime lasts 14 minutes, nighttime lasts 10 minutes.
  • When in a shelter (dorm rooms or village houses), put your candle away to avoid players knowing your location.
  • If you get Holy Water at a lower stage (3 or below), don’t drink it right away and keep it for worst case scenarios, or for people who need one.
  • What players turn into at the final stage has shown in different forms, including Cannibals, Deer, Spiders, and now Drowned. You may hear other players refer to Drowned as any of these four, but know they’re talking about what players turn into on reaching the final stage at nighttime.

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