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(Last Updated On: May 16, 2021)

With the help of this, you will now be able to know a lot more about few of the best Free executors for Roblox and why they are so…

Krnl Hub
Krnl Hub

No: 1 Free Executor Krnl

Krnl is the most powerful and respected (level 7) free executor which is available all over the internet. We will discussing here why or why not you should use this.


It is very hard to dispute that Krnl is almost as power full as Synapse X although they are sort of similar in functions. So let us see why :-

– Krnl is basically a weaker synapse
+Its API Functionality is the best that a free exploit can obtain at the moment, although one must keep in mind that it is no where near as good as paid executors. But is better than some.

+KRNL’s Script Compatibility is similar to Synapse X , though most scripts are made in mind with Synapse only.
Some functions do work in compatibility with KRNL’s API. Although, it is still very good as it is a free exploit.

+KRNL can be a bit unstable at times seeing as it is free. It’s key system is also quite unstable at times, it can just simply not work.
Additionally, KRNL keys can take a very long time to obtain as well, due to how processing works in their system.

+KRNL has decent speed for a free exploit, though it can crash your game a lot if you’re running big scripts. KRNL also has very slow update times. Roblox Updates every Wednesday, causing KRNL to go down for about a day or more.

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